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Information and Computer Security: Spyware and safeguarding Methods

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Title: Information and Computer Security: Spyware and safeguarding Methods(in Turkish: “Bilgi ve Bilgisayar Güvenliği: Casus Yazılımlar ve Korunma Yöntemleri”)

Authors: Gürol Canbek, Şeref Sağıroğlu

Publisher: Grafiker Publishing, Dec 2006, Ankara

ISBN: 975-6355-26-3

Length: 480 pages
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Information security domain is addressed with the most fundamental elements, historical and practical points. Some of the covered topics [More]:

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Chapter Title: Insurance in Cyber Security(in Turkish: “Siber Güvenlikte Sigortalama”) - Chapter 8

Author: Gürol Canbek, 

Book Title: Cyber Security and Defense: Problems and Solutions (in Turkish: “Siber Güvenlik ve Savunma: Problemler ve Çözümler”)

Publisher: Grafiker Yayıncılık, 2019, Ankara

Length: pp 305 - 323
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