Accomplished Control and Computer Engineer (MSc), PhD candidate on Machine Learning. Expertise on Software Engineering, Database Management Systems (RDMS), Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Software Project Management, Software Team Management, Information Security Management Systems (ISMS), ISO 27001, Cyber Security, Data Science, Statistics, Mobile Security, (Android) Mobile Malware Analysis, Taxonomy, Visualization

Metro Map - My Computer Engineering Career


An approximation of the lovely journey in 15 routes :)


I have prepared a metro map summarizing my computer engineering career from the very beginning. The map presents computer programming languages, operating systems along with software tools or packages as a station not necessarily as a passed away one. Reaching the station was not easy; faced huge barriers, spent great efforts and times as you know...


At the arrived statitions, I have become a power user, seasoned software development leader, project manager, data scientist, web publisher, graphics designer, malware analysts, information/cyber security expert, etc... Not just for me, because I am always self-motivated to learn, improve, and share knowledge with others. And as you know, our journey shoud continue by adding new destinations... (see also the How Technologies Are Connected 2018)

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github.com/gurol/taskar: TasKar - Binary Classification Performance Metrics Card (Lighweight, OpenOffice Calc)
github.com/gurol/dsanalysis: Dataset Analysis (R)

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